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We center inclusion — in the people we build with and for. We act with courage and curiosity. We co-design with deep collaboration. We drive growth — in mindsets and futures.

A note from Sergio

As the Founder & CEO of Next Shift Learning, I use my personal and professional lived experiences to guide me on where the company can add value and impact lives.

My career building and launching workforce programs and initiatives confirmed my belief that intentionally designed experiences — that welcome, celebrate and value diverse backgrounds and perspectives — drive the most innovation, and lead to impactful, lasting results.

Next Shift Learning is built and operated by a team whose lived reality reflects key challenges of the learners we support. We deeply believe in the untold potential of millions of career seekers and builders.

Our team understands that the right support and learning pathways can unleash the contributions of underrepresented talent with boundless potential.


Our Leadership

Sergio Rosas, Founder & CEO of Next Shift Learning

Sergio Rosas

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sergio is passionate about creating access to careers that transform lives, and lead to more values-aligned teams, companies, products and experiences.

Get to know Sergio

His belief in connecting others to game-changing opportunities comes from his lived experience as a low-income and first-generation Latino immigrant turned innovation designer and social entrepreneur.

A double-graduate of Stanford University, Sergio holds a BA in Political Science, with Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, as well as a Master’s degree in Learning Science, Design and Technology.

Sergio sources from his consulting background, and his experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies and workforce development organizations.

Through his work, Sergio has built equity-centered upskilling programs that tech companies use to connect talent with intersectional identities, to tech careers that impact their worlds.

“We work with clients and talent alike to create memorable moments where we collectively build new knowledge. We see ourselves as an extension of your team and talents’ career journey”

Tina Hossain, Next Shift Learning's Co-founder & CEO, speaking on a panel

Tina Hossain

Chief Operating Officer

Tina opens pathways of opportunity for others by centering their needs and building products and processes to meet them.

Get to know Tina

Tina designs and drives growth strategy — determining how to build, test and scale NSL’s products and services, and how to develop world-class teams and inclusive culture.

Tina draws upon her experience as a first-generation college student and white-collar professional. Her lived perspective, paired with ten-plus years of legislative, management consulting, and business strategy experience, informs her work as COO, and shapes her understanding of how to help others translate their skills into previously unforeseen opportunities.

Tina holds a BA in Government and International Affairs from Claremont McKenna College, and an MBA in Management & Strategy and Finance from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

“As a first-generation college student and driven professional, I understand the transformative power of knowledge and skill building. I want to help others unlock their full potential – therefore creating inclusive teams, innovative products, and extraordinary experiences.”

Lara Heisser

Learning Experience Manager

Lara is an educator with ten years of experience designing learning environments that honor the social, cultural, and emotional needs of scholars.

Get to know Lara

A former mathematics teacher, Lara brings her knowledge of learning science, program design, and her passion for focusing on the needs of the learner, to the team as the Learning Experience Manager.

A graduate of Loyola Marymount University focusing in Psychology, with a Master’s in Education from University of the Pacific Benerd College, Lara uses her experience as an educator to build and implement programs that empower young people to cultivate their talent and be future changemakers.

“I thrive on creating transformative learning experiences, collaborating closely with clients to develop efficient processes. My motivation is witnessing learners’ “a-ha” moments as they build knowledge and gain confidence in themselves.”


We work our network to unlock your growth

We keep our knowledge and expertise fresh by adding top industry experts and collaborators right into the mix of our projects. Our collaborators are curriculum developers, instructional designers, recruiters, talent development coaches, and learning experience leaders from world-class academic institutions and organizations.

No matter their background, each of our collaborators offer intersections of identity in their work, providing a uniquely diverse perspective and approach to everything we do.

Our Collaborators

We have a network of 25 (and growing) collaborators who have contributed their talents with us. We’re excited to feature below their unique expertise and the organizations that shaped their perspectives and insights.

Rachel Diaz

Expert collaborator in:
Learning design, human-centered design, curriculum development, research, business development & growth, live instruction.

Built expertise at:
NYU, Harvard, NYC Department of Education, People Rocket

Joshua Encarnación

Expert collaborator in:
Leadership development (advising, consulting, coaching), designing & delivering learning experiences, HR/Talent life-cycle management.

Built expertise at:
UMass Dartmouth, Google, Earnest, Uber, Outco

Josh Torres

Expert collaborator in:
Authentic and inclusive leadership coaching & development, experiential design & facilitation, engagement and advancement strategies for historically excluded talent.

Built expertise at:
Northeastern, Asana, Square, 

Kapor Center, LTX Fest

Tyler Bell

Expert collaborator in:
Inclusive workforce strategy, human capital management, recruiting and talent sourcing, partnerships and community engagement.

Built expertise at:
Morehouse, Teach for America, GoGuardian, Stem Disintermedia

Jenny Han

Expert collaborator in:
Human-computer interaction, computer science education, learning  design, live instruction, curriculum development.

Built expertise at:
Stanford, Fablearn, Replit, UC Irvine

Diego Salvatierra

Expert collaborator in:
Virtual reality curriculum, augmented reality curriculum, mobile development, learning design, live instruction.

Built expertise at:
Stanford, McKinsey, Autodesk, South Park Commons

Vicki Marambio

Expert collaborator in:
Learning design, human-centered design, augmented reality curriculum, e-learning, 
live instruction.

Built expertise at:
Middlebury, World Economic Forum, 
Fundación Kodea

Cali Nguyen

Expert collaborator in:
Learning design, human-centered design, curriculum development,

Built expertise at:
Stanford, UCSF, Stanford GSE, Stanford

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